Psychology for practical healing

Continuing throughout the month is September at the West Salem Public Library Branch is a course on Gnostic Psychology.

A four week class that is held from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesdays, focuses on psychological teachings and techniques of ancient religions.

Taught by Justin M. Short of Portland Gnosis, the course is meant to help participants identify roots of suffering and learn methods to bring about change.

“There’s a meditation practice at the beginning of each class,” Short said. [They’ are] learning how to navigate subtel spaces of consciousness.”

Self-observation and self-remembering are another practice of this psychology.

“Eastern traditions call it mindfulness; it’s a model of psychology that all the ancient traditions teach,” Short said.

Teaching this class in Salem in a new venture for Short.

“I’m testing out the area,” Short said. “A couple of students requested I come down here and teach.”

The free course runs until September 29. For more information on this or other similar class, visit

Wellness workshop offered through Silverton Hospital

Hospital are generally most useful when in need of medical attention, but in Silverton the organization hosts a variety of workshops that are meant to educate.

The seemingly proactive attempt at preventative medicine is taught by doctors, registered dieticians and other medical professionals.

Beginning September 7 is ‘Living Healthy Workshop’ at six week workshop aimed at teaching real life skills for those with a chronic condition. The diseases covered encompass the number one killer of Americans: heart disease in addition to diabetes, arthritis, pain or asthma. The course runs until October12 and is held from 5:30-8 p.m.

Registered dietician, Sara Fronza presents a course entitled “Preventing and Living Well With Diabetes” held in The Woodlands Conference and Event Center at the hospital’s partner organization Wellspring Medical Center in Woodburn. A one day lecture on September 21 from 7-8:30 p.m., participants learn how to prevent Type 2 diabetes or how to manage the condition for those who have been recently diagnosed. Fronza presents the latest information about nutrition and physical lifestyle changes patients can make to stay healthy.

Pre-registration is required for both events. For more information or to learn about other workshops, visit