The body can heal itself, but there are ways to assist it, accelerating the task and directing it toward a desired result.

Modern techniques include emitting different light frequencies deep into pores to stimulate the natural processes that promote rejuvenation and a clear complexion.

NASA first used Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to encourage plant growth, and this same, FDA-approved technology is now available at some spas as a facial technique that stimulates cell growth.

“LED is the tip of the iceberg in nonsurgical face lift,” said Cheryl Luchterhand, skin specialist at Salon 554 in downtown Salem.

The method consists of applying three different colored lights on the skin, each having a different effect. Red light reverses the aging process by accelerating cell metabolism, which increases blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and helps reduce fine lines and rosacea; it may also remove cellulite over time. Blue light kills acne vulgaris upon contact, while amber light reduces muscular and joint pain, explained Luchterhand.

The procedure only takes a few minutes and it’s painless. The lights are shot into the skin through a small vibrating massager.

“It’s like taking your face to the gym and giving it a workout,” she said. One session runs about $100.

Luchterhand also employs Light Heat Energy (LHE), another type of phototherapy that combines light with heat and energy. LHE lasers can be used for photoepilation, a long-term hair removal system that can cover large areas, as opposed to electrolysis, which removes individual hairs.

“Photoepilation is a much faster and less tedious process than electrolysis,” Luchterhand said.

LHE can also be used to repair sun damage, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and treat acne.

“With LED and laser you get the full spectrum,” Luchterhand said.

As an aesthetician, Luchterhand performs microdermabrasion, the removal of dead skin cells from the face to achieve a profound cleansing effect. She uses a diamond head for the abrasion process instead of crystals, which tend to scratch the skin, she said.

Hydrodermabrasion, or hydrofacial, is also available. This brand-new technology in facial treatments makes use of an instrument that exfoliates the skin while simultaneously permeating hydrating serums deep into pores for a lasting moisturizing effect (up to 10 days).

“It acts like a vortex, pulling things out and at the same time pushing product in,” explained Luchterhand.

The device has different applicators for different parts of the body, so it can be used on the face, back, legs and hands to remove impurities, repair sun damage and heal dry skin.

“Hydrofacials help reduce fine lines and you can really clear up acne and get smaller pores with only one session,” she said. “If it’s done on a regular basis, it thickens the skin and permanently reduces oil.”

Each of these treatments take from 10 to 20 minutes, so they’re fast enough to be done during a lunch break, and don’t irritate the skin.

“It’s like a medical spa, without the price tag,” she said. “The whole reason I got into this is because I wanted to help women living hectic lives with something beneficial and affordable.”

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