Regarding Secretary of State endorsement: I knew A.P. [SM’s Publisher] when I lived in Salem, and never expected I wouldn’t be endorsed by his paper. Instead, I don’t even get a mention. Anonymous writes that “there’s a two party system”. Well, guess what — we can fix it in the Secretary of State’s office, but you have to vote what you believe in, instead of voting against it. I don’t even have to win, either. The vote totals send a message more important than my victory. It appears that “proven yourself” means you have to be a sold out Dem or Rep. Pacific Greens are running locally (though not in Salem — almost all the Greens when I lived there moved away when Janet “knuckle-drag” Taylor was elected). At one point there were two Pacific Greens on the Salem city council. And the paper says to vote yes on Measure 65. You’ve got to be joking — that hardens the two party system — all the experienced third parties and their activists oppose it. It’s a steroid for the two party system. Statesman Journal all over again? Is this not an alternative paper anymore?

– Seth Woolley, Pacific Green Candidate for Secretary of State

Our definition of selling out is leaving a city because you face opposition from people that you don’t agree with. But if “selling out” means having a fair, formal process of making endorsements then consider us sold. Way sold.

The stupidest reason to vote for someone else
Congrats, you just endorsed someone with sketchy values at best. Since Salem Monthly is in Salem anyhow, why didn’t your reporters go to the State Capital and ask people about Kurt Schrader cheating on his wife? I would find it hard to believe you guys didn’t know about it prior to your endorsement. Just because I’m a democrat doesn’t mean I am going to vote for Schrader. I am going to vote for Alex Polikoff because we shouldn’t have to settle for people with iffy ethics.
– Anonymous

We actually have a reporter on the “crazy people making crazy, ridiculous accusations” beat. Thanks for keeping them busy.

The seedy underbelly of Salem’s nightlife

On page 24 of the nightlife edition of SM there is a picture of two young women dancing on a poll at the 6 Lounge. Normally this would not be a problem, but the photo is taken at such an angle that seems to jeopardize the best interest of these two women. Not only does this deliberate ass-shot violate their privacy as clubbers, it could potentially be very embarrassing. Lastly having been to the 6 Lounge a couple of times and am familiar with the layout of the dance floor.

For the photographer to have taken such an explicit photo they would have had to practically reached under the women. Such behavior is gross and disrespectful. Including a potentially embarrassing photos of these women is an equally poor decision. I suggest respecting the privacy of Salem’s residents and not taking explicit photos of unsuspecting young women.
– Katherine D’Zurma

The blueprints of Six Ultra Lounge that you have stored in your mind are a little off. The girls were elevated on a platform and POSING for our photographers, who by the way, were properly and clearly identified as such. Those poor, unsuspecting women posed for multiple pictures while they participated in Six’s “Naughty Schoolgirl Contest.” And by the way, we’re deeply offended by your use of “ass-shot.”

The fighting 5th Congressional district plays dirty

My intent is not to criticize your decision; however, I will comment that your statement that “our two party system is just not quite ready to give third party candidates a chance” rather misses the point. It is the voters, not the system in the abstract, who determine the electoral outcome.
– Mike Vanh, volunteer deputy treasurer for Alex Polikoff

The voters are at the mercy of the two party system. Sorry, dude, you gotta prove yourself before we are going to give you our precious vote.