When I first walked into Bigfoot, my dining companion and I were greeted by a pleasant hostess, and shown to brightly lacquered wooden barstools and a table. The furnishings are standard bar-style: black-and-white framed photos of movie stars and musicians and neon signs advertising different brands of beer and liquor.

Bigfoot also features an outdoor seating area with plenty of picnic tables arranged around a small wetland. The bar portion of the facility is slightly separated from the dining portion, making it family-friendly even on a rowdy Friday night.

Bigfoot’s menu is as unassuming as its décor. Half of the laminated sheet of paper was dedicated to burgers, with only a few other sandwiches, some salads, and a soup of the day.

Inexplicably, our waitress asked if we’d like appetizers, although there weren’t any listed on the menu. The most expensive lunchtime menu item was priced around $9.  Dining here could be a potential hazard to your waistline; only one item on the menu (the Caesar salad) was vegetarian, and nearly everything included cheese, bacon, rich dressing, or all three.  

Needless to say, sometimes a girl needs a burger, so I ordered the ranch house burger from our friendly waitress.  This burger featured barbecue sauce, bleu cheese, and grilled onions, and was topped with two crispy onion rings. Our food arrived quickly, after only about ten minutes.

Unfortunately it was somewhat of a disappointment when it came. The plates came heaped with soggy French fries and the bun wasn’t toasted. The burger itself was overcooked, which made it dry and chewy and gave it an unsavory burnt flavor. Though there were large chunks of bleu cheese on the burger, there was not enough barbecue sauce to make up for the dryness of the meat.

The restaurant suffers from a poor location, being directly adjacent to Monaghan’s II, which allows smoking (something made obvious when a door between the two establishments was opened).  However, the staff helped make up for my burnt burger:  our waitress was upbeat and her service was stellar.

Though the Bigfoot may not be the next “Cheers,” it might not be a bad place to spend part of a Friday night.