The redevelopment of 295 Church Street into two stories of condominiums is one project currently underway.

The condos being built on the top two levels of the building are planned at one and two bedrooms and will range from 900 square feet to 1600 square feet.

Construction on this project should be completed next year.

Housed underneath the condos will be a City of Salem Information Technology facility and some commercial retail spots.

Another project to be completed next year is The Meridian. This building will house medical and professional office space as well as luxury condos.

These projects, combined with Vision 2020’s many other projects are designed to make downtown living more attractive.

Amongst the projects currently being built is the Union Street Railroad Bridge.

This historic landmark is being restored as a footbridge and will connect Riverfront Park and Wallace Marine Park in West Salem.  It will be done sometime towards the end of the year.

Another bridge in the works is the Minto Brown Island Foot Bridge. Once completed, it will connect Riverfront Park to Minto Brown Island Park.

The City is currently applying for grants in order to pay for the building cost.

These are projects that are currently in the works. Although there are many more planned projects that haven’t started yet, people are meeting every day to put their heads together and find new ways to enhance life in the downtown area.

One thing the city has done to make downtown a more attractive place is by lowering the cost of outdoor seating for restaurants.

Officials looked at how much they charged business owners to allow outdoor seating and realized they could easily cut that in half.  

Now instead of paying $85 for having an area outside for customers to sit, businesses are charged $38.50.

There are many ideas in the works as well.

The concept of having a centralized gathering place like Portland’s Pioneer Square has been looked at thoroughly and sites have been visited.
A group of citizens meet once a month to discuss new bike and pedestrian routes.

Downtown Salem is on the grow.  While many of the projects will be completed in the next year, most may not take full shape for quite some time.