Has everyone forgotten about Holman State Park? The one that was closed over a year ago after an undercover operation by the Polk County Sheriff’s department arrested a number of adults who were engaging in (gasp!) sex at the park. It’s a shame that we as a society can’t go over a little thing like simple adult indiscretion and now this lovely park sits there useless. People have sex. Sometimes they do it in parks. Now get over it, Salem!

: – (  FACT: Three goats were shot to death in an area near Turner Road in July.

Once upon a time there were some goats. Unfortunately, they wandered away from home. Fortunately, the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary offered them a home. Unfortunately the Oregon Department of Agriculture does not allow the sanctuary to pick up stray hoofed farm animals. Fortunately they tried to find a way to remedy the situation. Unfortunately a cranky neighbor shot the goats because it was taking too long.

The Lighthouse Farm should have been able to help the animals (and the neighborhood) despite what their feet look like. In fact this is not the first time animals have been killed, check out SM’s story about llamas on WillametteLive.com. It’s too late for the goats in this situation, but let’s fix this red tape now so that no more goats — or llamas or pigs or other lost hoofed soles — find their way to death rather than home.

: – )   FACT: Developers recently submitted plans to demolish the Wells Fargo building downtown.

The plan is for a private developer to raze the building and construct a new four story building that would include a combination of office and retail space and a parking garage. Later, they hope to add residential space and a grocery store. But it’s a beautiful, historic building that embodies all that is good about Salem and our downtown core. That’s what you expected us to say, right? Wrong! Tear that puppy down. It might be historic, but it’s an eyesore. Let’s put our downtown to good use. Raze away!

: – )   FACT: According to Scarborough Research, 14 percent of Portlanders blog. Portland was beat only by Austin, Texas and only by a single percentile.

The Internet tubes are waiting for you, Salem. This month we’re covering a blog that hopes to steer Salem away from sprawl mentality (see pg. 6). Previously we covered the “EatSalem” blog (eatsalem.blogspot.com). When it comes to good blogs, there is a sheer lack of local people talking about local things in Salem. We’ve got some good political blogs in Oregon, but those folks are more focused on Portland. So here’s a call to keyboards: We need to put Salem on the blogosphere. If you run a local blog, send us a link to editors@salemmonthly.com.