This is a restaurant that, although still young, deserves your attention and your patronage. Their menu is based around “Asian Fusion,” a movement that takes many forms but can be described as traditional with a twist. This is a place that takes risks, and the risks are plenty tasty.

For example, take their Red Ginger Hotpot Seafood. A hotpot is a traditional Asian dish, but here they take special care with the freshness of the seafood, enough care that if certain kinds of seafood are not fresh enough, the selection changes. At my visit, it included prawns, scallops, mussels and squid; but if it’s not fresh, it doesn’t make it on the plate.

Boo Chanthavong, who has been with the restaurant since the start, says this philosophy carries over into every dish.

“Just because it’s on the menu doesn’t guarantee we’ll have it every minute of every night. If enough customers come in wanting it, we might run out,” she says with a shrug and a smile. The smile is a result of less than a full month of operation already resulting in repeat customers, referred customers, and happy customers, a rarity for such a new place.

Chanthavong’s vision for the restaurant is a beautiful one. The decor alone makes it worth a stop: muted gold, deep blacks, vibrant red panels, carefully chosen artwork, and tropical plants make a perfect setting for a very romantic date. Both upstairs and down, the space is a work of art.
There are no shortcuts here, from the simple yet carefully chosen wine list to the Asian beers and mixed drinks, from the exquisite service, this is a place to be; to enjoy some of the best in Asian Fusion cooking in an atmosphere that leaves nothing to be desired.

And it’s affordable, too. Most of the entrees run between ten and twenty dollars, with a wide variety of appetizers, soups and salads to fit any appetite, petite to hungry.

Boo is already looking to the future. “With so many people already coming back, I have a really good feeling about what we’re doing here.” But she’s committed to the idea of Asian Fusion, and already is planning the seasonal change in the menu to reflect fresh harvested vegetables and differing seafood harvests. Be prepared to be impressed, come whatever season. Red Ginger satisfies.