While most of Oregon was basking in the glow of Barack Obama, CBS announced that the much beloved, but underrated (according to Neilsen), Jericho has been officially canceled. Jericho fans were successful in bringing the show back before, but this time there’s little hope available. The last episode due to air on March 25 will be the series finale. Luckily for the fans of Jericho, two endings were filmed, one a cliffhanger and the other something that’s a bit more conclusive. With the cancellation imminent, the conclusion ending will be aired.

Celebrity Apprenticeship

This Thursday marks the season finale of The Donald’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” If you haven’t been keeping up with it, a bunch of D-list celebrities were brought together to work for cash prizes for charities of their choosing. My initial call was for Gene Simmons to seal the deal, but when ego got the best of him in the infamous boardroom, Trump had no choice but to get rid of him. After the exit of Simmons, I figured it was up to Stephen Baldwin and Piers Morgan to make the show interesting. And they did, sort of. Piers called Stephen out on being a hypocrite and Stephen got all whiny and begged to be off of Piers team. The unexpected smart, creative guy is country singer Trace Adkins, who is up against Piers in the finale. I wouldn’t have expected him to have the business sense that he does. Piers will be challenged to beat him.

The finale brings back past celebrity contestants Lennox Lewis, Carol Alt, Stephen Baldwin, and Marie-Lou Henner. On Piers’ side, Carol and Stephen. On Trace’s side, Lennox and Marie-Lou. Each team was given multiple tasks in holding a charity dinner, complete with entertainment (the Backstreet Boys) and an auction. All proceeds go to charity, but The Donald will be left to decide whose charity the prize goes to when he crowns the first Celebrity Apprentice. Check it out this Thursday at 9 p.m. on NBC.