When is an appropriate time to start dating again after a divorce? I’ve only been divorced for three months, but my husband and I have been emotionally separated for years. I’m so ready to hit the town, but a few of my friends tell me I should wait it out a bit. What gives?
— Desperate For Love

Dear Desperate,

Ummm … the `50s called. They want their standards back. Hit the town, baby! If you feel ready, then you’re ready. The best cure for a broken heart (or a bored one) is to meet new people and have fun. That and a strong margarita can work wonders. So, go. Have fun, and if your friends don’t want to join in your post-divorce hoopla, then who needs them? You’re starting a new, post-divorce life. Maybe it’s time to find some nice, shiny new friends, too.  

Madge is not a psychologist, nor does she have any
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