Take tonight’s annoying blond. For the sake of clarity, let’s call her Blondie. Remember her? Long blond hair with the voice of a dying parrot.
I couldn’t have agreed more with Simon: She butchered Celine Dion. Big time. I couldn’t believe that Randy and Paula saw ANYTHING in her audition. How many times have we heard singing – nay, squawking – like that and the contestant was sent packing immediately?

For some reason they gave Blondie another chance. Why? Could it be that when you strip away all the crazy, Paula is actually a pretty good judge? Because to my utter shock, when she came back that girl could sing! What happened?

I have to admit, I was feeling Simon’s evil. I wanted her to be bad. I wanted Randy and Paula to be wrong. And did I mention that Blondie had about as much personality as a pencil?

This brings me to a greater point, which is: What is with all these frickin’ annoying blond girls who have popped up this season? They’re all blond, they’re all annoying, yet they can all (somehow) sing. They’re like a bunch of dandelions in a rose garden – BEFORE the roses have bloomed. Yeah, they seem nice, but once the roses open, who cares?
Remember when they put Pageant Girl through around Week Two and Simon said he had really hoped she would be bad? Dandelion.

And what about the other Beauty Queen who they put through but Simon called the Most Annoying Contestant Ever? Dandelion.

If one of our dandelions makes it to the Top Twelve, we may be treated to another Haley Scarnato-esque contestant: Haley Scarnato on AI.com.
Oy vey.

Here’s hoping this year’s crop of dandelions is weeded out nice and early.

“Idoltude” is a weekly column that scrutinizes the American Idol auditions and performances. It’s just one woman’s thoughts, and frankly, she isn’t real smart, so feel free to scrutinize her performance as well.