Where is all the money going?

Parking outside of downtown and walking might work for some people but what about families with small children, the sick, and handicapped? Some people can’t afford to pay the monthly cost of a parkade or to miss work while in court trying to get their money back from bogus tickets. Our city parking enforcement officers are ticketing for not only two hour limit infractions but all sorts of unmarked/posted rules. Where is all this money going? I was informed that a good portion of the parking ticket money is going toward reconstruction of parking garages. People who want the parking garages can pay for the reconstruction through the price of parking in them. If the city is going to make it so difficult for people to park then this money should go toward enhancing our bus system so people can go to work and shop in the downtown area. If we are going to have big city parking laws then we need a big city transit system. What can we do to get our city back?
— Paul Marche

Re: Sidewalk repair plan goes forward despite questions of fairness

It’s time to fix the sidewalks
In every single city in every state of the USA the sidewalk maintenance is on the abutting property owners. If voters wanted the city of Salem to maintain the sidewalks they would not have defeated the streetscape fee levy in 2002 by 81 percent to 19 percent.

If the owner has an issue with the sidewalk currently, they are being told in those letters to inform the city and they will fix the issue before it gets handed back. All damages to sidewalks by street trees will continue to be the city’s responsibility to fix.

The sidewalks sucked in 1989 so it is not like the city took over pristine sidewalks.  Why should it be required to hand them back pristine?
The city does not have the funding to fix all the sidewalks. If they did, then why didn’t they get fixed over the past 18 yrs?

If handed back immediately over half the problems will get fixed in the next year. As the plan is set virtually nothing will be repaired in the next year and the vast majority will likely never get repaired.
— Anonymous

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