Currently BRMBA manages over 300 acres of ODF property in Falls City on which they have built a series of four free riding trails. These complex trails include a lot of jumps and are designed for very experienced mountain bikers. Dino Venti, a trail manager and board member of BRMBA says that the trails they are proposing for Holman Park will be on a much different scale.

“These will be very beginner-friendly,” he said.

“They’re designed to introduce people to the sport.”

Chris Morscheck, owner of Santiam Bicycle is spearheading this proposal.

“It’s a sad loss of a resource that is now a public nuisance,” he said. “Mountain biking opportunities are remote from this area and we’re hoping the new trails will generate traffic that will offset the problems they had there before.”
Holman Wayside was temporarily closed to vehicles in July due to sexual activity in the restrooms.
Chris Havel with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said the vehicle closure has worked well and the trails are still open to bikers and joggers, but the future use of the park is still an open question.

“There is no danger of selling the property or closing the trails,” Havel said. “We’ll decide in November whether to reopen the parking lot and restrooms. Changing the recreation opportunities takes longer. We will want to take some time to think through our options.”

Havel said they have received many e-mails from people saying they want the park to stay open. They held a public meeting to discuss what permanent changes would be implemented at the park.

The Trails Coordinator for Oregon State Parks and Recreation Rocky Houston was the first to suggest creating the network of multi-use trails and he enlisted the help of Morscheck to put the idea into action.

Morscheck said the state is considering their proposal and he believes that it might happen in degrees.

“This park has astounding potential and there is a legitimate need for a multi-use trail system, especially for mountain biking.”

Oregon State Parks and Recreation wants to hear what you think should be done with Holman Wayside. A special e-mail address and a telephone hotline were created. To contact them, e-mail or call (503) 986-0636.