The restaurant is clean and bright with modern furnishings and offers excellent service.

I ordered mu shu chicken with hoisin sauce on the side ($7.95). Moo shu’s translation is literally “wood shavings pork,” which refers to the thinly cut vegetables that are cooked with the pork. Traditionally moo shu comes with thin strips of wood ear fungus, eggs and shredded cabbage.

My meal came with six pancakes, hoisin sauce on the side and a small bowl of either steamed or fried rice. Hoisin sauce is a thick sauce made from soybeans, chiles, garlic, and spices. The food was mildly seasoned, but very flavorful.

The Chef’s special menu has entrees such as shrimp with honey glazed walnut ($12.95), seafood pan-fried noodles ($9.50), sizzling happy family with shrimp, chicken and beef ($10.95) or the spicy beef with black pepper sauce ($8.95).

Gold Dragon has banquet facilities and can accommodate up to 138 guests. It is located in the Cherry City Center on South Commercial.