Wednesday, September 19
“Kid Nation” – CBS – 8pm

Reality TV has sunk to a new low. Kids are dropped off and made to survive on their own with only the TV cameras as their guardians. Their task is to take a ghost town and make it their own. Unfortunately the kids seem like the most intelligent reality TV contestants ever. Watch if you like “Survivor.”

“Back to You”   FOX – 8 p.m.

Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton bring their TV star power to a new series following the adventures of star news anchors working together. The show marks Heaton’s return to TV after a successful run on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Kelsey Grammar, who is known to most as Dr. Frasier Crane, is back after a short run on a sketch show (“Kelsey Grammar Presents”) and comic movie nerds will remember him in last year’s “X3: The Last Stand.” Watch if you liked “Frasier” or “News Radio.”

“Kitchen Nightmares”   FOX – 9 p.m.

Chef Gordon Ramsay returns to FOX after another successful season of “Hell’s Kitchen.” This time expect to see the softer side of Chef Ramsay as he helps correct problems in restaurants. Some may be familiar with the BBC version of this show. We’ll see if FOX  tones down his screaming for this one.

September 20

“Survivor: China”  CBS – 8 p.m.

Yes folks, “Survivor” is still on. This time the castaways are sent to China. Rumor has it that cast members will be sent to Lake Poyang in the Jiangxi Province of Mainland China. It also has been announced that there will be no Exile Island.

September 24

“Chuck”  NBC – 8 p.m.

McG (director of the Charlie’s Angel movies and several music videos) offers a comedic look into the life of a retail computer support guy turned spy. Zachary Levy stars as Chuck. Adam Baldwin (no relation to the Baldwin brothers) plays a supporting role in an attempt to launch another TV series after “Firefly” and “Day Break” failed to bring an audience. Watch if you enjoy “Alias” or “Scrubs.”

“The Big Bang Theory”  CBS – 8:30 p.m.

Jim Parsons (“Garden State”) and Johnny Galecki (who you might remember as David from “Roseanne”) star as two physicists who meet a woman who shows them that book smarts don’t extend outside of their labs. Watch if you like: “Gilmore Girls” or  “Two and a Half Men.”

“Journeyman” – NBC – 10pm

2 Emmy award-winning producers Kevin Falls and Alex Graves (both award Emmy’s for The West Wing) bring us a story about a San Francisco newspaper reporter who begins to travel through time and change people’s lives. Watch if you like: The Dead Zone.

September 25

“Reaper”   The CW – 9 p.m.

Director Kevin Smith (“Clerks”) directed the pilot episode, which follows the exploits of a reluctant grim reaper. The pilot was recently shown at the San Diego ComiCon to great critical and audience praise. It’s not clear whether Smith will continue with the project or if he will just be directing the first episode. This is the one that may keep The CW on TiVo lists this season now that “Veronica Mars” is gone. Watch if you like “Dead Like Me.”

“Cane”  CBS – 10 p.m.

This show tells the story of a family who is in the rum and sugar business. Jimmy Smitts plays Alex Vega, the head of the business, who deals with a rival family as well as a power struggle within his own family. This show has received less than stellar reviews, but most critics tend to dislike the soap opera-esque feel. Watch if you like “The O.C.”

September 26

“Bionic Woman”  NBC – 9 p.m.

“The Bionic Woman” has returned to TV in a modernized series by producers of “Battlestar Galactica” and “The X-Files.” For those who are unaware of the Bionic Woman’s origins, Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) gets in a huge car accident that leaves her on her deathbed. Technology keeps her alive by turning her into a part robot, part woman machine. Watch if you like “Witchblade,” “Smallville” or “Dark Angel.”

“Life”  NBC – 10 p.m.

What happens when a detective is wrongfully imprisoned, gets out of jail and then returns to the police force? NBC has decided that we want to know. “Life” is a about a detective who is given a second chance. Damian Lewis (“Band of Brothers”) stars as Charlie Crews. Adam Arkin (“Chicago Hope”), Sarah Shahi (“The L Word”) and Robin Reiger round out the supporting cast.

“Private Practice”   ABC – 9 p.m.

Dr. Addison Montgomery from “Grey’s Anatomy” has left Seattle Grace and started her own private practice. Creative naming aside, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans will be sure to enjoy more of the same in this spin-off series. Taye Diggs and Tim Daly add to the supporting cast. Watch if you like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

September 28

“Moonlight”   CBS – 9 p.m.

From movie producer Jon Silver comes a vampire show that appears to be a rip-off of Joss Whedon’s “Angel.” Mick St. John is a private investigator who was bitten by his bride on their wedding night 60 years ago. While some honeymooners may enjoy the occassional post-coital nibble, this bite cam from his bride who happened to be a vampire. Watch if you like “Angel” or “Forever Knight.”

October 2

“Cavemen”   ABC – 8 p.m.

Getting a series on ABC is so easy, even a caveman can do it. In what may be the worst move in ABC’s dismal programming history, the Geico caveman has been given a series. Yes, the hairy guy with a bug about Geico’s marketing campaign will be making his primetime premiere in a sitcom. Who’s next? The Taco Bell Chihuahua? Watch if you like: hairy men or stabbing a fork in your eye for 22 minutes.

October 3

“Pushing Daisies”   ABC – 8 p.m.

“Pushing Daisies” is a new show from the creators of Showtime’s “Dead Like Me.” The plot is about a medical examiner, Ned, played by Lee Pace, who can bring people back to life with a single touch. The downside is that they can only stay alive for 1 minute. Ned uses this ability to solve crime. Watch if you like “Dead Like Me” or “Evening Edition.”

October 7

“Life is Wild”   The CW – 8 p.m.

Cartoon lovers may recognize this story from Nickeldeon’s “Wild Thornberry’s. ” A family reluctantly follows their veterinarian father to a remote camp in Africa so that he can return to his roots and help Africa’s wild kingdom. In the rough cut that I screened in May, the story follows the vet’s bratty daughter around while she throws fits about limited connectivity to the “real world.” Watch if you like “7th Heaven.”