Recently, that question returned to me when I was asked to write a chapter for a new book called
“Speaking of Success.” I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the book in hopes of shedding some light on your own path towards success:

“…Success is a personal journey. It’s an evolution that continues throughout our lives so each individual’s definition of success will be ever-changing.

“As you age and enter into different phases of your life, your priorities and objectives change as will your definition of success. Allowing this process to take its course is an awesome thing.

So at this moment, my personal definition of success is living your most authentic life. What I mean by authentic is honoring what feels right on a daily basis and acting on those feelings. That to me is success. If, at the end of the day I am feeling (feeling being the operative word here) positive about the choices I made, the work I did, and the people I interacted with AND I look forward to waking up and doing more of it the next day — then I have achieved success.

“Ask me again in ten years and I might give you a completely different answer. But one thing I know for sure is that I will define my success in terms of my feelings as much then as I do now.

“Feelings are not always considered when defining success, because that is not the type of culture we live in. Traditional tools of measurement are wealth, education, dress size, material possessions and the answer to the infamous question, `So, what do you do?’ among other things. However, it is exciting to me that every day more and more people are defining and honoring what they truly want out of life and disregarding what the societal norms dictate. And when they discover that achieving success is as simple as honoring their feelings, then they will have arrived. I invite people to consider the possibility that by simply following their feelings they can pave their way to success.”

Jennifer Powers, MA CTACC, is a certified professional coach and public speaker. She helps people create a winning life from the inside out. To purchase a copy of her new book, visit