Anyway, prior to Poison’s August 8 show at the Oregon Garden, the members spent the night here in Salem. Several members used the opportunity to check out our community and that’s when Big Kahuna co-owner Melanie Nelson ran into guitarist C.C. DeVille. He took a liking to her dog, Charlie, and she used the opportunity to invite him to the restaurant for a drink. He declined alcohol (he’s on the wagon these days), but said he would try to make it over. Later that evening, Nelson was sitting out in front of the pizza place when DeVille walked up.

He hung around for awhile and, eventually, drummer Rikki Rocket showed up with his fiancee and the band’s touring keyboardist, Will Doughty, stopped by with his girlfriend. Bassist Bobby Dall also made a brief appearance but decided to spend his evening at the movies.

DeVille eventually offered to do some kind of show, if instruments and equipment could be obtained. After a bit of a scavenger hunt, the items needed were found and DeVille hosted while the others performed along with some local musicians. Supposedly, the evening was taped by local filmmakers and Nelson says she would be interested in having a viewing party for it at Big Kahuna sometime soon.