Taming terrorism
Q:    So far I understand everything you’ve been writing about. I get that we create our own reality through our thoughts and emotions, courtesy of the law of attraction. However, I don’t get how I’m supposed to think and feel positively about my life and my world when we’re surrounded by threats of terrorism every day.
A:    When the fear of terrorism controls your sense of well-being, then the one you need to protect against is your inner terrorist, not some stranger out in the big world.

Your inner terrorist is the part of you that focuses on terrorism. You may seek comfort by becoming informed via TV or newspapers, only to find no end to the evidence that you should be very afraid. The media presents just one very distorted and biased perspective on the world. Yet there exists exponentially more well-being than the media would have you believe. People live productive lives, walk around in healthy bodies, travel on airplanes, and experience love and kindness every day. Your inner terrorist, however, chooses to focus on suffering and fear.

Dealing with “badness” requires a complete and profound paradigm shift. Our culture bombards us with the philosophy that our only defense is resistance and control. We fight against perceived evil and attempt to make others conform to our way of life. However, since like attracts like, our resistance becomes a form of attention which only serves to energize the very things we don’t want. We change the world by being contagious, not combative. The positive energy you activate in our own life ripples out to others. 

To create a more harmonious world, begin with your own world. Stop watching and reading bad news. And turn your attention to the good in your life. The solution lies in redirecting your focus rather than resisting what you oppose. I’m not saying this is easy, but I am saying you have a choice. You can spend your energy coping with consuming fear, or creatively looking for evidence that well-being abounds.

Sonia M. Miller, BBA, MSW maintains a private practice in Dallas, Oregon. She facilitates personal success, healing, and transformation through a blend of motivational and metaphysical wisdom. If you’d like to ask Sonia a question, or subscribe to her newsletter, check out www.successforthesoul.com.