When you walk by Crystal Power & Light Company at 100 Commercial Street, you are treated to colorful displays of jewelry, beads, necklaces, and crystals.

Co-owners Jim and Lisa Lind have been in operation for 21 years. Things got started in 1984 when Jim began making crystal jewelry for himself and close friends. Soon friends of friends began inquiring and were directed to Jim’s studio.

“The demand reached such a level that Jim couldn’t afford to keep giving them away,” Lisa said.

In 1985 he turned part of his studio into a gallery and retail store, calling it Crystal Power & Light Co.

The Linds enjoy supporting customers in discovering their own creativity.  

“Creating jewelry is a great way to keep our right brains active and in the flow,” Lisa said. “We love being a vehicle for this experience to happen.”  

According to the Linds, crystals have a wide variety of uses and qualities that range from simple adornment and home decoration to generating healing energies and psychic phenomena.

“Some people are very sensitive to ‘crystal energy’ and feel energized by these magical stones, playing on the theme of what utility companies provide to energize our lives,” Lisa said.

Having lived in Africa for three years, Jim has developed a great interest and expertise in African trade beads, and the store has a large selection, some of which are 200 years old.

“They were traded for West African natural resources such as diamonds and gold, and were traded in America for the island of Manhattan,” Jim said.

But their biggest selling point may be the variety of beads that they offer. The materials these beads are made from include stone, glass, wood, bone, Fimo, shell, sterling silver, copper, brass, seeds and shark’s teeth. They also offer custom-made beads.  

And, of course, special orders are provided if people’s needs can’t be met.

“We have a wide variety of connections all over the world to order from,” Jim said.

Africa, South America, Europe, Indonesia, and New Zealand are a few of the locations in which current stock originated.

Other offerings of the store include mandala art in the form of wall paintings and note cards. Crystal Power & Light Co. also has a publishing company, The Art Farm, which produces Jim’s notecards and posters of his artwork.