Weight loss made simple
How many of you have attempted to lose weight? How many of you have dieted to lose weight? The reality today is a good portion of us want to lose weight and we want to do it as fast as possible. I am going to share the secret to weight loss. Dieting is fine, but it has to be combined with exercise. I know the “e” word is scary, but exercise is essential to successful, long-term weight loss.

A good exercise program should include two essential components: cardiovascular activities and resistance training. When used together, a synergy occurs and an accelerated health habit forms. Resistance training is important because it pumps up your muscles and increases metabolism of fats. Your muscles are the engines that burn your fuel and produce your energy. If all you do is cardio, you will most certainly lose weight. However you will hit a level and stay there. If you add weight training, whether with gym machines or simple rubber bands, you will break through the “cardio plateau.” When you pump up the engines that burn the fuel, you create more efficient engines that will burn even more fuel. This fuel is fat.

One of the fears from my female patients is that of bulking up and looking like a bodybuilder. Good news ladies, at best you will tone up while you pump up your engines.  You will not increase your mass to that of a professional bodybuilder. It is physically and hormonally impossible for this to occur unless you supplement with muscle-building substances. Keep in mind, as you start with weights, you will see a weight gain. This is normal and very healthy as you are just changing the ratio of fat to muscle in your body. It is called body fat percentage and it is a better way to measure weight loss than by using a scale.

Bottom line: eat good food, pump up the engines so they run at optimum levels, and you will lose weight. Please remember to consult your family doctor if you have any questions before you start a new workout regime.

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