Did you know that the federal act designed to improve school testing around the nation called “No Child Left Behind” was specifically written to give your kids’ information to military recruiters?
Many parents of high school juniors and seniors that are faced with signing the form, are shaking their heads with disapproval over the notion that President Bush’s hard driven education legislation would include such a personal bonus for recruiters. The irony that indeed, no child will be left behind, at least from being fair game for recruiters.

But then there is that form. To summarize it; a parent or guardian can sign it and that keeps the school from providing your kid’s info. But it seems to say at the same time, that if the information is not provided, that it is not within compliance of the law.

 Here is the information that the actual form contains. This was brought home by a South Salem student after registering last week: “As a result of ‘No Child Left Behind Act of 2001,’ public schools are required by legislation to provide student directory information to military recruiters. South Salem High School Junior and Senior students’ directory information includes such items as names, addresses, home telephone numbers and information generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

To be compliant with the law, all three items of information must be released.” Parents and guardians of high school juniors and seniors can fill out the military “opt-out” form at their child’s high school until Friday, September 9. If parents choose not to fill out the opt-out form, their children’s personal information including name, age, home address, and telephone number may be provided to recruiters as they actively seek to add to their recruitment numbers.