It’s important to understand the value the arts, industrial arts, and other such visual-kinesthetic subjects play on the student learner. Many are unaware of the significant brain development which occurs when a student has sufficient opportunities to be creative, to think outside the box,
to experiment with mixed media, assemblage, color and personal expression. The arts are essential nutrients to a well-rounded, culturally aware, sensitive, innovative and critical thinking young person. Creativity is a multiple intelligence, which needs to be stimulated in each child. They need to be made aware of this valuable resource they each possess, “the artistic bug,” which, when practiced, gives them the skills to explore the multiple solutions to a given problem. They develop expressive control over their own creations, which can be very satisfying and empowering to a growing child.The arts teach and allow students to communicate their ideas and emotions. Students learn verbal and non-verbal ways to express their feelings and thoughts creatively. And, when a teacher does all they can, within their control, to develop and maintain a safe and non-judgmental studio environment, the students have the confidence to take risks, build self-esteem and practice positive social interaction among their peers.