Q: Why do people make such a big deal about gratitude, and how can I be more grateful every day? 

A: Expressing gratitude is one of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to manifest what you desire.  As an energetic being living in a magnetic universe, when you express gratitude, you are expressing a consciousness of HAVING.  If you emit the frequency of I HAVE, you attract more HAVING in your life.  Conversely, when you focus on lack, you attract more lack.

First, make the decision that you want to see and acknowledge all the blessings life offers you. Then play around with ways of thanksgiving. Keep a gratitude journal where nightly you list five things for which you are grateful. Play the game of giving thanks to people ten times per day.  Practice saying thank you to the infinite in your heart, all day long.  Give thanks out loud in the car with the radio blaring.  Do a few rounds of giving thanks with the kids in the back seat. 

Whatever you do, understand that gratitude is a powerful force.  If you make it a top priority, your consciousness will expand.  And soon, gratitude will become a way of life, creating well-being and abundance!